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Originating from China's largest metal material event, MTM EXPO Metal World Expo - China Stainless Steel Exhibition has passed eleven spring and autumn. It is the earliest domestic, most professional and authoritative international stainless steel exhibition. Its status and influence are improving. . The stainless steel exhibition aims to establish a liaison platform for buyers and stainless steel companies in the international stainless steel industry. The last exhibition ended on November 1, 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Nearly 400 outstanding metal materials and processing equipment exhibitors. The scale of exhibition was 25,000 square meters, 49,000 visitors, and 28,321......
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Exhibition Schedule

start: December 3(9:30)
Report to: December 1-2
Show: December 3-5
retreat: The afternoon of November December 5
place:SNIE Center





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From China's largest metal mat






Black electronic disk suffered heavy losses in China steel p
Dalian Silver Mine is currently the Northeast Special Steel
Handan to ensure that this year to reduce steel production 3
Henan released a new version of approved investment projects
The largest scale of environmental protection in the history
The impact of the introduction of black goods on the black g
Part of the steel prices rose one thousand yuan a year, stee
Dunhuang Airport T2 terminal renovation project recently lau
Infrastructure investment and then jump into this feast who
65 million tons of capacity to be removed after the steel co
Xiangtan 2017 plans to invest 7 billion yuan to build 59 tra
Mozambique will build a 500,000-ton scale steel plant to dri

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